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50+ youth toured Waihuena Farm last Friday as part of the North Shore Community Land (NSCLT) Trust 3rd annual Food and Energy Youth Summit. The ʻfarm-tripʻ enabled youth to apply terms they are learning such as: CSANew Food Systems, Seed SovereigntySoil Fertility, True Cost AccountingCollaborative Consumption, and Connected Markets. Learning these terms are helping them develop new ways of thinking about our food system. Following their time on the tour, they worked on mapping out the role of Waihuena Farm, Mohala FarmsKahuku Farm, and the Loko Eʻa (Kawailoa) to show how each play a role in moving the North Shore towards a more sustainable, local food system. 

The goal of the youth summit, attended by over 200 students from 8 schools, is to educate the next generation about the important issues relating to our local food system by providing the students a chance to explore how our food choices are interconnected to the health of the local environment, economy, and culture. Waihuena Farm was chosen as one of the hands-on learning sites in which the students utilized the Lexicon of Sustainability Project Localize curriculum to discuss how our farmʻs operations fit into the various roles within our local food system. To find out more about the Lexicon of Sustainability program you can go here