Published on Jul 23, 2014

World Online Premiere: Volcom Pipe Pro: Sustainable by Design 2014
The Second Chapter, a film by Nathan Peracciny

The Volcom Pipe Pro has become more than just a contest of warriors who ride waves — it has become a model, and a benchmark for us.
It has become a story to be shared — and heard — all around the world, influencing change-makers thousands of miles away.

Each year, the focus on sustainability at the event has intensified and in 2013 Nathan Peracciny created a film to capture the story of the people behind the movement to make the Volcom Pipe Pro ‘Sustainable by Design’ and a certified, Deep Blue Surfing Eventâ„¢. We followed it up this year with a film that highlighting the reach of the story and the affect it had on people all over the world.

The film presented here in it’s entirety, takes an intimate look at the commitment of the sustainability community on Oahu, the beauty of the wave, and the fun we’re having crafting this Deep Blue Certified Surf Eventâ„¢.

Special thanks to Sustainable Surf, TR3EES, Waihuena Farm and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii for their expertise and to Nate Peracciny ( for his vision and beautiful craft.