​Superfoods we grow on the farm include ʻolena (turmeric), noni, moringa and a variety of medicinal herbs- including ashwaganda and holy basil.

Inquire about bulk orders for these super foods which we harvest fresh to order or dehydrated and blended in small craft batches.

Stop by our farmstand to sample some of our medicinal teas grown on the farm at our ʻpop-upʻ "Farm Tea Bar". Featured teas often include: Holy Basil, Cranberry Hibiscus, Lemon Balm, and Tumeric-Lime Tea. Trying our teas is an easy way to start using some of the medicinal herbs and super foods we grow on the farm. The tea bar will also offer farm herb-infused local/organic honey and bitters.

We also offer seasonal specialties such as pickled beets infused with moringa and olena and beet-ginger flax seed crackers and  kid-friendly items, such as: noni-lilikoi fruit leather, ʻolena-lilikoi lemonade.

See our farm fact sheet on ʻolena for more nutritional info and recipes.