Important Health and Safety information

We want all of our WOOFers to enjoy the healthy lifestyle and nourishment offered from our farm.

Some common viruses and bacteria that are present Hawaii include: giardia, leptospirosis, staphylococcus, and rat-lungworm disease (although no documented cases on Oahu). Everyone will be educated on the best precautions to take, and in the event of illness, seek proper care for these ailments.

WOOFers must be ready for the physically strenuous work of farming, which will require the use of tools and equipment. Each tool has a specific function and proper use, misuse of tools can result in injury to ones self and others. We will instruct individuals on how to properly and safely use each tool, and continually remind you of being present and aware while using heavy and/or sharp equipment.

Emergency Contact forms are to be completed as part of your orientation and are kept on file with program staff. We require our WOOFers to maintain medical insurance during your farm stay.

Waihuena Farm abides by the safety guidelines set out by the National Association for Foreign Study Abroad (NAFSA). Key points from these guidelines are below:

  • Cannot guarantee or assure the safety and/or security of participants or eliminate all risks from the study abroad environments.
  • Cannot monitor or control all of the daily personal decisions, choices, and activities of participants.
  • Cannot prevent participants from engaging in illegal, dangerous, or unwise activities.
  • Cannot assume responsibility for actions or for events that are not part of the program, nor for those that are beyond the control of the sponsor and its subcontractors, or for situations that may arise due to the failure of a participant to disclose pertinent information.

In our programs, as in other settings, participants can have a major impact on their own health and safety through the decisions they make before and during their program and by their day-to-day choices and behaviors.

We take health and safety very seriously and expect our students to do the same.