ARUGULA (5 Non-Salad uses for Arugula)

While we love arugula salads (especially salads with fruit), here are five non-salad ways to get creative with this sharp, peppery green.
(*recipe references).

1. Put it on pizza. Weʻll try this next time we get our pizza oven going. Once your pizza is cooked, throw a handful of arugula in the middle. Delicious with some non-traditional cheeses like goat cheese.

2. Wilt it in a pot of pasta. Throwing a bunch of greens into a pot of hot pasta is easy and yummy for keiki. You get a touch of green, and the leaves wilt down in minutes.

3. Make pesto. If you love the taste of arugula, why not substitute it for basil in a traditional pesto or try this pesto recipe with garbanzo beans?

4. Use on sandwiches, instead of lettuce. Remember this Comte, Olive, and Arugula Grilled Cheese? Arugula can add the perfect bite to a simple sandwich. We’ve had it on egg salad and turkey alike.

5. Make soup. Try this soup Arugula Vichyssoise recipe.