BIG MAHALO to our PDC community who continue to  share in living the dream. 

We have had lots of amazing volunteers and short term helpers…here we honor those who were able to spend more than a month with us.

Alia & Yvonne
[bio coming soon]


Alicia & Peter- their stay was short and sweet but this couple after wwoofing through Asia knew how to work and are now on their own adventure starting a farm in Kentucky!

Alli (bio coming soon)

Amanda- landed on the farm as her first stop on Oahu and helped out  in a 2 month transition.  She is back working in the food service industry.

Amelia Haack [bio coming soon]


Anders Berling- joined the farm for two winters 2012 & 13 and kept our greens looking good! He is just as at home in sea sailing as the snowy mountains of Jackson Hole.

Angela Breene, CSA Member & Newsletter Coordinator- maintains a full time job with Olelo community television filming all kinds of great community events, but lucky for us she had Mondays open and stepped up to help with member & later newsletter management helping get the word out to members about important agriculture and community happenings.  She holds a degree from Layola Marymount University in California.  She is also one of our key motivators to host more on farm events…so next time you come out to the farm for something fun you can best thank ang for among other things- “music & lighting”.  She moved on to the farm and completed her PDC in summer 2012.  (mondays since may 2010-)

Anna Flint- showed up one day and dove right in.  Hailing from Philly she came to Hawaii looking for a farm focused on community, we are grateful she has been helping grow ours (and get organized while we are at it!)  (May 2014-April 15)

Anthony- is another one of North Shore’s few young organic farmers who is busy elsewhere, but occasionally comes to build compost piles and if we are lucky bring us coconuts from one of his tree trimming endeavors.

Anton- was with us for over a year and helped get our garden started and brought our kombucha brewing to the next level.

Ashley- started out by volunteering with us (a great way to join the team!) and before finding a job where she can put her environmental engineering degree from Columbia to work has been learning her way around the garden. (jan 2012-june 2013)

Ben- joined our team just out of high school.  We saw him helping his dad out next door keeping their property up and figured we needed the help too!  In addition to helping keep the property up, he did our compost tea fertilizing every week. He was with us for all of 2011 and has moved on to learn about mechanics.

Caleb Monroe, Garden Manager: Caleb moved to the Northshore from NorCal in 2006. He grew up in the orchards and rice fields of Live Oak learning about weather systems and permaculture from his grandfather, Poobah, a Tahoe area forest ranger and all-around badass. Caleb grew up in Future Farmers of America, working in rice mills and in agriculture from the time he was 14. He began farming on Oahu in 2009 at Pupukea Gardens organically growing lettuce, baby greens, and tomatoes with love. Caleb has built hydroponics systems and grown organic greens through traditional and hydroponic methods. Caleb is radically knowledgeable and passionate about providing his neighbors and friends with nutritious, safe, and ethically grown food. Waihuena Farm has been lucky enough to employ Caleb since 2011; he co-manages the garden with his partner, Eliza, and handles all table-grown greens and tomato operations. Caleb enjoys surfing, skiing, little dogs, and live music in his free time…interests he and Eliza share.
Carly (bio coming soon!)

Charlie - came as my dear friend, Severine Fleming founder of the Greenhorns’s, little brother, and was with us through our first CSA efforts.  He built a lovely cob oven before heading back to Pitzer College.

Cory- is a real Mid-West farmboy, dirt & animal lover, who when not in the garden can be found spinning poi.

Doug Groenveld- Doug joined our farm in 2014. Doug actively works as a landscape designer for Jamie Jackson Design and operates his own own edible landscape business Hale Fresh. Prior to joining our team, Doug worked through a USDA grant to establish farms in Hawaii Kai and Kunia. 

Eliza Johnson, Garden Manager: Eliza hails from Park City, Utah by way of Middle America (B.A. DePauw University, Indiana 2006). She has been a Waihuena Farm team member since the farm’s inception evolving from a farmhand in 2010 to the Garden’s Manager (along with her partner, Caleb). Eliza has worked in Ag on Oahu since 2008 in various capacities at multiple nurseries and farms finding her passion growing food in our garden initially under the guidance of Jillian Thorpe, and teaching yoga in our neighborhood-often on property. Eliza completed her first of many teacher trainings while working on the farm (Conquering Lion Yoga 2012) and has gone on to earn Jivamukti certification (300 hours). She is RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. Eliza is a dedicated runner, student and teacher of yoga, long-boarder, music-enthusiast, as well as gardener. The product of a long lineage of hobbyist and professional female growers (Maralynn/Granny Wonderful, Jill/Mama, Waihuena’s first manager/dear mentor Jillian, Karuna, bikini goddess Carol Silva, and eco-warrior Mele Judd-Cox), Eliza is at home in our women-built and woman-run haven.

Erin- was literally my left hand girl after i nearly cut my finger off with the immersion blender, she is an amazing cook, a peaceful presence and a thoughtful helper in the garden who after spending 2 months on the farm has been back for a handful of shorter visits.

Erin & Nick (bio coming soon!)

Ellen Lana: Before working and living on Waihuena Farm, Ellen, spent her college years co-managing a student run farm with her friend and now fellow-WWOOFER Alyssa Alder. She was drawn to Waihuena Farm by the principles of organic and natural farming in an area that was unfamiliar to her. Since moving to the farm in October 2016, she has learned about the native plants that make Hawaii unique and beautiful and how to grow them in a way that is mutually beneficial to the Earth. She has also learned the importance of community through our CSA program, especially in respect to how powerful a community can be in achieving a greater good once united.

Erin and Nick: 

EJ- was lucky to start her love of nature early under her great grandmother who shared plant medicine with her, she has has helped with beach cleanups & oil spills, protested clear cutting, earned her PDC in 1995 under Bill Mollison, lived in community, started an off-grid homestead in Fiji, raised a family, and is a great raw chef!  She holds a degree in Anthropology and has worked in the Anthropology field as well.  (march-july 2013)

Hari- was our first teammate in 2008 and we are grateful for his commitment to picking out california grass.  It was his daily morning meditation and little by little he helped open space for planting.  We hope you are doing great back in Brazil!

Hunter Heaivilin & Matthew Lynch - are permaculture educators on Oahu who we teamed up with to run our 2012 two week intensive, they can be found thru their Permablitz efforts or thru their Asia Pacific Center for Regenerative Design.

Jenna (bio coming soon!)

Jerome Prentice- Jerome was born and raised a mile away from the farm.  As the farm's Manager of Operations, Maintenance and Machinery and one of the founding teammates (starting in 2007), he has worked with the family farm to install photovoltaic systems and has applied his skillset to the core building and maintenance projects on-site. He completed his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in summer 2012 and enjoys sharing the farm with his children.

Jillian- lived on farm from May 2010 to June 2011 and helped evolve everything,  mahalo for your service and love of the land!

Johnathon (bio coming soon!)

Lydi Morgan Bernal- loves to garden.  So much so, that she has a full time job with Kokua Hawaii Foundation as the School Garden Coordinator getting our keiki stoked on farming!  Occasionally when she has time she does some work trade for her weekly CSA share and bestows some of her growing experience she has gained through the Agricultural Leadership Foundation, Master Gardeners, and thru a PDC as well.  She is our Kalo caretaker.
Jason Silverstein- is a kalo and flower farmer in Kahaluu who has shared everything from kasturi to his recent rocket stove with us.

Jessica and Cory Hubbard (bio coming soon)

Joel Tessier & Lani Metcalf- Born in Montreal, Canada and grew up in Miami, Florida, I’ve always been active in sports and exercises. It was through my involvement with the Boy Scouts that I became interested in First Aid and water safety which lead to a high school job as a pool lifeguard and a post high school job as a beach lifeguard while I still lived in Florida. I started competitive swimming, tennis, and martial arts in my early teens and continued through high school, where I also added wrestling. After high school I went on to get involved in endurance sports such as triathlons, mountain biking and adventure racing, but at the heart of all my activities was always surfing. I moved to the Big Island in pursuit of my childhood dream of becoming a firefighter in Hawaii. While serving as a fire rescue specialist in Kailua Kona I pursued my other long time dream of owning and operating my own training facility.  Crossfit Big Island in Hilo was opened in 2009 as one of the inaugural Crossfit gyms in the world. A few years later we opened our second facility CrossFit Alii in kailu-Kona. Being owner and operator of Crossfit Big island for over 6 years was an amazing experience. The gym is now being carried on by an amazing group of cooperative owners. I’ve now moved to the north shore in pursuit of my own optimal health and and hopefully lots of barrels. I feel so blessed to have found the opportunities that waihuena farm and Mele have brought to my new venture. I’m very excited to bring my experience and knowledge in fitness and nutrition to the amazing north shore community.

Menko Mckee-
Menko graduated from Cornell in Economics. He left a corporate job on the mainland to return home to Hawaii and re-connect with our 'aina, starting at Kaukonapalooza farms. He joined the team in 2013, focusing on thoughtfully expanding our food forest corridors (including our Native Hawaiian plants such as kalo) and heads our Wednesday volunteer program.  An avid bodysurfer, he is also working on super secret new bodysurfing technology (once his website is up we will post it), or you can check out his “Backyard of Life” facebook page.

Karina {bio coming soon)

Kate- joined us via the Beet Box lunch wagon they have been staffing this winter of 2012/13 and helped bring the farm to fork effort full circle by helping us establish our outdoor community kitchen.

Kelly Foote- called the farm home while following his dream to craft surfboards, after a season his boat called him home to Washington State.  (jan 2014- july 2014)

Karuna- grew up in the Swiss Alps. After graduating high school from the Ecole d’Humanite she studied and performed contemporary dance in London, Zurich and throughout Switzerland and Germany. She married a bloke from the US, and moved with him to the east coast where she began performing with dance companies in NYC.  Besides dance, Karuna has developed a serious appetite for locally grown organic wholesome foods, and has enjoyed working on CSAs ranging from 10 to 200 members.  In 2009, she moved to Oahu with her husband and has continued her pursuits in dance with Iona. She is also a licensed shiatsu therapist.  Her wishes and hopes are to see the contemporary dance scene and local food production in Hawaii thrive!  She was with us Mondays (May 2010 – Jan 2013 when she moved to Kauai to start her family! xoxo

Madison Wigley- Madison joined the farm crew in January 2016 and is now the primary caretaker of the farm's livestock, including Nubian goats and over 60 egg-laying hens. She received her double bachelors degree in Forestry & Renewable Natural Resource Management in 2013, and has since worked for the Forest Service, hiked the PCT, and continues to learn as much as she can about sustainable agriculture.

Maoya- helped out in the summer of 2011, and left us with some great organizational ideas.  She went back to Switzerland to finish up her degree and is now working on all kinds of cool environmental engineering issues.  She also came back to the farm in 2012 to earn her PDC.

Menko (bio coming soon)

Mike Hobbs, Operations & Maintenance Co-Manager- joined us with farm experience ranging from Pennypack farm and learning center in Pennsylvania, landscaping in Seattle, a PDC on Kauai, teaching in the garden classroom of Merimed Foundation and setting up some raised beds at the Refinery Project in Waialua.  He holds a degree from Towson University.  (oct 2012-July 2014)

Mike- hails from New York, and enjoys sharing gluten free cooking ideas. He has a background of a lot of hard work.  He has brought great energy to the property and is doing awesome efficient & thoughtful work- recently mulching up a storm and lots of watering keeping everything alive through our September dry period.  (August 2011- December 2012 when he returned to NY).

Mitchell Ruggels-  Big Island boy part of the Farmily Band who had a short stint on the farm.

Noah- was born and raised just a few miles down the road at the University of Hawaii’s Waialee agriculture station.  He is also dedicated to helping keep the country country and does so thru his family’s Hoa Moa egg business.  He also earned his PDC in 2012.

Nina Beatty- Has been heading up our Keiki o Waihuena camps…more info soon for a Wednesday afternoon series starting in January!  She is a yogi as well as a chef:)

Orion Stanbro- is a green builder doing neat low impact projects around the State.  Lucky for us he loves the North Shore so much that when he isn’t busy building somewhere, tending his garden in Palolo, on Kauai or surfing, he comes out and helps out on the farm.  He has a degree from University of Hawaii in Manoa.  He brought a big pile of bamboo for ‘ambiance’ to our first New Years Eve party in 2007 and has been coming back since.

Paula Reyes
[bio coming soon]

Peter Mclean-  Pete worked with us while on an internship at Waimea Valley, but he has gotten promoted!  He is a serious plant person who most recently worked in a bamboo nursery on the Big Island and will be bringing us biodiversity! (Nov 2014-June 2015)

Salvatore (bio coming soon)

Shawn Nichelson- has life figured out, he works hard in NYC part of the year as an electrician then comes every winter to surf and farm with us:)

Tia Silvasy, Volunteer Coordinator- first came to the farm to help with the summer 2012 Permaculture Design Course, she came back to help with our volunteer program and educational initiatives among other things!  She holds a degree from University of Central Florida, and is president of the Simple Living Institute.  Check out her (jan 2013- with a few months back in Florida to her farm here and there till Dec 2014 when she will move on to work on her Masters at UH!)…hopefully tia will continue her relationship with the farm:)

Tim- (another New Yorker!) spent the winter of 2012/2013 with us after wwoofing through New Zealand and farming kava on Big Island and is off to Australia to continue farming and surfing pursuits.

Travis- is one of North Shore’s few young organic farmers.  He is busy elsewhere, but occasionally comes over with goodies like coffee grounds and tomato starts to ‘talk shop’ with us.

Ydine Sandberg- is a traveling singer/songwriter, sailor, speech and language therapist who has always been drawn to the simple life.  She came to Hawaii in 2008 after many years of personal and planetary exploration, and immediately fell in love with the spiritual and physical beauty she encountered on these islands, as well as the ability to live a kick back lifestyle with a foundation of aloha.  Ydine does her best to see the earth through a cosmic lens, appreciating and honoring the gem of a planet that we inhabit, with its limitless bounty rooted in righteousness.  She tries to always remember that we are part of a delicate and special relationship with all that surrounds us, and to bring that awareness into her daily activities.  Planting seeds of love in the land and in hearts that she encounters on her journey is her highest aspiration.  She and Mike Hobbs started the Farmily Band.  Love above all else.  (august 2013- june 2014)

Yvonne Yang, WWOOFer - Yvonne graduated from UC Berkeley with her BA in International Political Economy. After several years in the IT and financial industries, she followed her heart into Osteopathic Medicine at Touro University, California. Her hopes are to create an integrative community clinic with a garden to help others learn how to eat healthy and sustainably. Before her clinical training, she took time off to learn how to run a community supported agriculture program. She has learned a tremendous amount from the Waihuena Farmily and is inspired to bring these insights to her future medical practice.