About the Farmers

We are always looking for great teammates, if you are interested in joining our farm, we recommend starting by volunteering (see Farm Schedule). We are always taking applications for our immersion or WOOFER program (see Volunteer, Immersion, WOOFER Program).

Alex & Meleana Judd-Cox, Farm Manager
-  Alex was raised on the North Shore and grew up eating from the abundance of his family and neighbor's backyards. Sharing Meleana's passion to grow food for our community, he has been by her side on her journey to transform a field of California grass into the thriving farm we have today.  If he’s not hunting barrels at backdoor, he loves working with wood especially reclaimed wood to make picture frames, www.reclaimitframeit.com.

Meleana was born and raised on Oahu, Mele graduated from Punahou in 2000.  Growing up with strong environmental ethics and primarily a vegetarian since age 12 when she learned about the devastating impact the factory farmed meat industry has on our environment, it wasn’t until Pitzer College when she became aware of the importance of organic agriculture and started working in the organic garden on campus. After graduating and obtaining her Permaculture Design Certificate  (PDC), she has been slowly working towards her goal of creating a sustainable living homestead.  Since 2005 she has primarily been working for her family-owned solar business, (Inter-Island Solar Supply locally and SunEarth in California), and spent two sessions at Hawaiiʻs State Capitol learning the ropes of policy to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and increase the local production of non-GMO food.  Following her policy work, she began taking agriculturally-based courses at UH Manoa, worked briefly in a few nurseries, visited many farms, and spent a year working for Hawaii SEED doing public outreach about the value of local agriculture and dangers of the genetically engineered seed industry we host. She actively attends local agriculture meetings, workshops and conferences.

Anders: Returning to the farm after a year or two of captaining yachts around the world, Anders is working towards using simple green design and technology to improve our accommodations and amenities on the farm.

Angela Pastores: A resident yogi and cultural educator at Waimea Valley, we are blessed to have Angela expanding our kalo and other Hawaiian Heritage plant varieties on the farm.

Billy Pope: In his words: "Growing food organically and fed from the soil and waters of the place where we live gives us high-vitality food." Billy is excited to use his training as a vegan chef from Johnson & Wales to provide value-added items, dishes and full meals and events to our community through the farm CSA program. It can be challenging for farms to help their CSA members work and value a crop that people are not accustomed to using in their kitchens. He is hoping to help the farm show the value of growing and cooking with diversified foods from a nutritional perspective and because its adds more richness to our tastebuds and lives. He also recently launched, Oahu Vegan in which he sources many of our organic produce grown on the farm.

Bodhi In his words "sharing food and tending the land, Haloa 'Aina, resonates with me on a fundamental level. Thanks to Honey Girl and Waihuena Farm, I'm able to help produce tangible and visual abundance in food and beauty. Bodhi lives and works on the farm, focusing on the cultivation of our dryland kalo crop.

Carey Bonn, Garden Manager He recently switched over to farming after a 10 year career in the solar industry as an installer, electrician, and project manager.  He is excited to share what he is learning through the GoFarm program, along with his blood, sweat, and tears. He mainly is eager to   help Waihuena Farm improve operational efficiencies and is passionate about growing tasty fruits and veggies for our CSA members.

India Dawn Clark, CSA Manager- 
India joined the team in 2015 after being a CSA member and active supporter of the farm since 2009. After graduating with her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, she helped develop community-based food and energy resilience plans, policies and training programs through her work with with the University of Hawaii Hawaiʻinuiaʻkea School of Hawaiian Knowledge Loli Aniau, Maka‘ala Aniau (Climate Change, Climate Alert) “LAMA” program, UH William S. Richardson School of Law's Island Climate and Policy Center (ICAP), the NOAA Pacific Services Center, the Golden Gate National Park Service, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation, the Waipio Valley Taro Farmers Association on Hawaii Island, and Olohana Foundation. She is currently enjoying her role as mother and living on the farm as part of the Waihuena “Farmily”, connecting with community through the weekly CSA and learning how to plant food and medicinal crops.

Stacey Gilmore- Stacey has raised her family on the north shore and when you don't find her on the farm she is often sailing. As one of our resident yogis, she offers her yoga practice to our CSA members and greater community every Monday at 5:30pm in the garden.